Why Is Exercise Important Whilst TTC?

Today, I want to talk about exercise and why staying fit and healthy will help aid conception. People that know me will probably be reading this and think I’m getting a little too obsessive over the whole baby thing and to be honest, maybe I am but I’m not getting any younger and as time ticks on so does the sound of my body clock. I understand that I’ve been putting a little pressure on myself and the OH to have a baby but we’re still having fun and when it’s our time it’ll happen.


I’ve started to become a little more of a health nut too because I look back at when I feel pregnant with Mason and I was about 2 stone lighter, much fitter as I was out running most evenings after work, yes I smoked and enjoyed my weekend to binge drink but I was definitely much fitter than I am today. I mean I can barely run to my mum’s without being out of breath so I decided enough is enough! I haven’t joined a gym just yet, but that will be on the cards at some point in the future. I just wanted to try a few things at home first.

My exercise routine is mainly for toning my muscles especially my tummy muscles. So I do quite a lot more for just tummy, bum and thigh areas. I push myself more when it comes to my tummy exercises as they were left quite weak and numb after my emergency C-Section with Mason and they’ve only just started to feel a bit more stronger since doing this.


Why is fitness important when it comes to TTC I hear you ask?? Having a gentle exercise routine will help you prepare your body and can even improve baby-making chances, but don’t forget having a good fitness level is also important for your partners fertility.

We all know that exercise is great for us – and that doesn’t change when you’re trying to conceive. Keeping active has numerous benefits for your health, heart and stress levels and of course helps you stay at a healthy weight. If you’re not into exercising, don’t scare yourself into thinking that you need to do a grueling workout every single day. It’s best to start easy and slowly build yourself up to a more moderate pace. Gradually increase your distance and pace on a weekly basis.

I’m dying to try Pilates as I’ve heard it’s fantastic for strengthening your core muscles for pregnancy. It will help strengthen your deep abdominals and posture before you fall pregnant. It will help protect you from back pain in pregnancy and aid postnatal recovery at a later stage. It’s also supposed to be really relaxing so ticks that ‘stress reduced exercise’ box. Let’s face it stress isn’t good when you’re TTC. Not only is it hard to get into the baby making mood while feeling stressed but it can also have a negative impact on sperm count, ovulation and of course your sex life. Yoga and Swimming are also supposed to be fantastic exercises that you can carry on with during pregnancy.


I’m hoping to join a gym soon and maybe get myself into some beginner Pilates or yoga classes but at the moment I’m happy doing my exercises at home and doing the walking I do. I really hope you enjoy reading my posts. I know they’re crammed with a lot of information and can be long but I really hope they’re helpful.


Thank you so much for reading.


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