The Pip Box | Limited Edition Cruelty Free Beauty Kit In partnership with Cruelty Free International

On Wednesday I talked about why I chose to go cruelty-free, I was going to do this post at a later date but you know what? Since I’ve been talking about going cruelty-free why not introduce you to this fantastic Limited Edition Beauty Kit from The Pip Box which is in partnership with Cruelty-Free International and share the 11 products that I received inside with you. This post is for those of you that would love to go cruelty-free and are unsure where to start.

The box is slightly larger than the usual beauty box but I think that’s just due to the fabulous products that are inside. When I took off the lid I was greeted by 2 information leaflets, one that was detailing Primarks new leaping bunny certification on their beauty products and the other which is a lot more detailed and is full of fantastic information about choosing cruelty free products and of course, all the information about the products inside this box.

Onto the contents of this amazing beauty box;

The first product I pulled out was a completely new brand to me, Purple Tree and it is the Pomegranate Miracle Balm. It’s a multi-purpose product that you can use on your skin and lips as a moisturiser and you can also use it to tame and smooth down eyebrows or fix loose glitter for your makeup looks. It retails at £3.99 and I’m looking forward to giving this a try.

The second product is Primark 9 Shade Eye Palette Amber Edition. This is a budget friendly version of a well known brand and has a mixture of mattes, shimmers and metallic shades. I really like the colours, so pretty and perfect for this time of year, a nude palette is definitely a handbag essential. It retails at £3 which is fantastic value and I’m looking forward to giving this a try and seeing what looks I can create.

Product number 3 is from a brand I know and really like, I’ve tried a couple of products from Friendly Soap and they’ve been fantastic. This time I have a travel size Hair and Body bar. These are so fantastic for taking away on weekends or holidays as it’s a multi tasking product. It’s not only eco-friendly but the packaging is fully recyclable. It retails at £2.11 so is a fantastic price.

Product number 4 is this lovely Urban Veda Daily Reviving Facial Wash. I used a few of their travel products before but haven’t tried this face wash yet so really looking forward to giving this a go. It’s a really gentle formula so won’t strip away any moisture from the skin and I can’t wait to see how it tackles makeup. This retails at £3.99 and with it being a travel size it’s great to take away with you.

The 5th produuct is from a brand I’ve never heard of before KEWEKO. At first I thought it was a perfume but it’s actually a toner and look at the bottle. Isn’t it so chic looking?? It looks really luxurious and i can’t wait to give my skin a spritz with this each morning and evening. It retails at £27 so is definitely a more high end brand but we all need a bit of luxury from time to time.

Product number 6 is a 7th Heaven Pink Guava Peel Off Face Mask. It’s ideal for my skin type so really looking forward to trying this. It’s for oily, combination and problem prone skin so it will deeply cleanse and purify your skin. It retails at £1 and at that price you can grab yourself a few. I’ve tried a few of these face masks from this brand but haven’t used this before.

Product 7 out of the box is this Aldi (yes, I said Aldi) Kickstart Shower Gel in Lemon & Tea Tree. I have to say I buy these for the OH as he likes the fresh smell but they still make him feel manly. At 55p you can make sure you’re stocked up. He hasn’t tried this one yet but this is something I will definitely use. I love a good fresh scent and this is a much cheaper version of a well known brand. I love that Aldi is now Cruelty Free as this is where we do a lot of our weekly shops so you can buy your products and feel rest assured that they’re leaping bunny certified.

The 8th product had me a little excited as it’s a new brand and a fab looking product. It’s the iGlow Long Lashes serum and it retails at £53. I’ve never used an eyelash serum before but will definitely be giving this a try, it gives longer and healthier looking lashes in 3-12 weeks. I’m really excited to give this a go and i can’t wait to see how it makes my lashes look.

the ninth product out of the box is this Lily Lolo eye pencil in brown. I’ve been dying to try some Lily Lolo products and was really excited when i spotted this in the box. It’s a natural eye pencil that is enriched with moisturising and conditioning ingredients so even if you have sensitive eyes it’s safe for you to use. I love a good brown eye pencil so really looking forward to adding this to one of my day looks. It retails at £7.50 and it’ll be perfect to outline, define and enhance your eyes.

Product 10 is a new discovery for me in the shape of a lip balm! Yay!! It’s from a brand called Silvan Skincare and this Anise scent is right up my street. I love wintery scents like this so can’t wait to give this a try. It retails at £5 but is quite a big tub and its packed full of goodness, there’s Shea Butter, jojoba, olive and apricot oils with star anise and sweet orange which will protect and moiturise your lips. I love that this is organic and vegan friendly.

Finally, product number 11 is this lovely Deodorant Balm from the Natural Deodorant Co. This is also another new discovery for me but I have tried balm deodorants before and love them. I use a little spatula to get the product out of the pot as it keeps it all hygienic and clean. I can’t wait to smell this I think it’ll be a really nice fresh feminine scent. It retails at £6 and is safe to use on all skin types. I can’t wait to see how well it performs.


So that’s everything, there’s a whopping 11 products inside this fantastic box, all cruelty free and many are vegan friendly too, which is always a bonus. This box is a limited edition edit and is priced at £40, which includes free UK delivery! The total value of the box is over double the price you will pay (over £110 in value!) and 25% of the profits go to Cruelty Free International!


It’s fantastic for someone starting their cruelty free journey and you can still get your hands on one here, but you will have to be quick though as they are going fast.


have you tried any of these products?? What did you think?? What are your favourites??


Lots of Love



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