Baby Babble | Arlo Is 3 And A Half Months Old

Wow, I can’t believe Arlo is 3 and a half months old already!! Where has the time gone?? It only feels like yesterday that I was writing about my birth story and welcoming Arlo into the world. I was sat thinking about what I was going to write and I realised that I kept you all updated during my pregnancy yet haven’t written much about Arlo and how he’s been getting on now he’s here. If you do follow me on Instagram though, you’ll notice that I’m forever putting up baby spam. I have to say, watching Arlo every day is an absolute joy and I’m really enjoying being a mum so much more this time around. He’s turning into quite the character and is learning new things every day which I love seeing.

Arlo is such a happy baby and we’re still breastfeeding which is such a massive achievement and he’s feeding on demand really well and we’re both really happy with it. He’s laid back and content and always has been but is starting to show a little mischievous side to him now especially as he’s playing a little more. We’ve gotten him into a good bedtime routine which I’m really pleased with and he sleeps so well, I’ll share our bedtime routine with you all in a separate post. He can wake 1-2 times in the night for a feed but then goes straight back off to sleep. Mason and Jake have both adapted really well to becoming a big brothers, and Mason is such an amazing helper and just loves playing with his baby brother too.


Arlo is laughing so much more and smiling now whenever we interact with him, but doesn’t like it if I leave the room or he’s left for a minute or 2 alone in his bouncer. He loves the TV!! He really likes watching anything that’s on, so I’ve started putting on Cbeebies for him. Even though he’s a chunk, he weighed 11lbs 10ozs last time he was weighed, he’s still quite small and only just going into 3-6 months sized clothes. He’s got such a cheeky smile and has this really funny squeal he does when he’s excited.


This is the best part now, when he starts learning and playing more and achieving those milestones and I’m so excited to see what he will do next. He’s quite a strong boy and has been able to hold his own head up since he was a few days old, he’s starting to do the little rocking motions so I’m thinking he could start rolling soon. He’s already teething and is an absolute dribbly mess, I’m not sure when they’ll come through it could be a little while longer yet but he’s handling it really well at the moment.


He’s fit into the family so well, we start baby massage classes next week and I do wonder what life was like before Arlo. I can’t wait to do another little update with you and hopefully we’ll have some more milestones to share with you, but until then thank you so much for reading.



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