The One Day No Single-Use Plastic Challenge

Back in March WAKEcup and The Marine Conservation Society teamed up, with the aim of inspiring 1 million people around the world to take part in their “1 Day No Single-Use Plastic Challenge” over the course of 2019. Can you challenge yourself to go just 1 day without using single-use plastic?? Easy you may say, I have to disagree, it’s really not as easy as you may think. The idea is really clear but can you do it?? The are lots of helpful tips on the pic above which just so happens to be on the lovely cotton tote bag I got for taking part in the challenge, which I’m finally getting to share with you guys today. I’ve been trying to get this blog post up for so long that I even forgot about it for a while.



If you’d like to find out more about the challenge, head on over to their page here and make sure you also follow them on the Gram @globalWAKEcup and if you do take part in the challenge don’t forget to use the hashtag #1dayplasticfree. When I decided to take up this challenge I thought to myself it would be fairly easy, especially as I’m someone trying to actively seeking to limit the amount of plastic that is used on a day to day basis in our household. There is also a Just Giving page set up with the hopes that everyone who takes part in the challenge will donate just £2 (the price of your takeaway coffee) to the Marine Conservation Society. I’ve donated, have you??

When I completed the challenge I didn’t have a day where I needed to be out the house or do the food shopping but it did make me realise just how much plastic is used around us especially when it comes to a lot of our staples like fruit and veg. I’m trying to find a way to reduce the plastics on these so I’ve been looking into delivery boxes and which supermarkets can offer the most fruit and veg without plastic.


During the day I managed to use:

My bamboo toothbrush for cleaning my teeth along with my toothpaste that’s in a glass jar.

My organic bamboo & cotton reusable breast pads to minimise leakage from breastfeeding.

My reusable coffee cup on the school run as it was cold!

I just love my reusable baby nappies and baby wipes and they’re so easy and hassle free to use.

My glass and stainless steel straw, the munchkin loves his bamboo straws with his drinks.

The Ecoegg for my laundry, I’ve been using this for a good couple of years now and it’s still going strong and saves so much money on detergents.


Not everything in the house is plastic free, we still have ketchup and mayo bottles, some fruits we buy, so many yogurts in pots, bread. So I didn’t have a completely plastic free day but I sure as hell tried my best and I have definitely picked up some tips, and will be looking into switching to glass bottles for more of our fridge staples.


We also have a new little zero waste shop that has opened up in town so can’t wait to go in and have a look at all the fabulous products they sell. I’m also hoping that they do some store cupboard staples. I’m trying to swap a couple of items each month to much more eco-friendly and plastic free ones. It’s a long journey but I’ve already learnt so much. Now it’s your turn, I challenge you to have a go of this 1 Day No Single-Use Plastic Challenge. I’d love to know if you completed it, how you found it and if you’ve picked up any tips.


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