Tuesday’s Tip | DIY Baby Cradle Cap Shampoo & Body Wash

As you know, I love a good DIY especially if I can make something at home for cheaper than it would cost to buy the same product in a shop. So, for today’s tip I want to share with you a really nice baby shampoo and body wash in one. I actually started using this shampoo as a cradle cap treatment and it worked wonders but now I just use it as a body wash and a regular shampoo.


While I was pregnant with Arlo, I had decided that I was going to be a lot more conscious of the products I’d be using on him and if I can make a natural alternative at home then so be it. When he was born I really started thinking about the products we expose our baby’s to from such a young age when we really don’t need too. I had noticed a few weeks back that Arlo started to get a bit of cradle cap so I wanted to find something to treat it before it got worse and that’s when I stumbled upon lots and lots of recipes for cradle cap shampoo’s. It really makes the dream baby’s hair and skin so soft and there’s no need for any lotions or oils after the bath especially when you’ve used this.



What is Cradle Cap?? 

Cradle Cap is a harmless skin condition that is common in babies, it consists of thick, crusty, oily or scaly patches on your baby’s scalp. It can sometimes be accompanied by mild redness or a rash on your baby’s head. It can also look like a really bad case of dandruff. It’s not serious but any affected areas can look yellow or brown. Don’t pick at it as you could leave your baby with sore patches on their head that could get infected, however if it does start to look red and swollen go and see a GP. Cradle cap is really easy to treat and you don’t need to buy any expensive treatments from the shops.

What You Will Need:

Castile Soap (I use Dr Bronners Baby-Mild one)

Aloe Vera Gel

Jojoba Oil (Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil & Avocado Oils will also work)

An Empty Shampoo Bottle or Glass Soap Dispenser

Jug or Funnel

Measuring Cups & Measuring Spoons

Water (For filling the rest of your bottle)


Method & How To Use As Cradle Cap Treatment

Add 1/4 Cup of the castile soap, 2 Tbsp Jojoba Oil and 1 Tbsp Aloe Vera gel into your jug and give a little mix.

Pour the mixture into your bottle or glass jar, I’m just using an empty bottle that previously had in some baby product that I’ve had lying around the house for quite sometime.

Slowly fill with cold water, if you pour it in too quickly it will just bubble up. I like our shampoo to be quite thin and watery but it still does the trick. You can just add the water to how you like it.

Add a small amount to your baby’s head and massage it in.

Leave for a good 5-10 minutes.

Using a soft brush brush through baby’s hair.

Rinse off the baby’s hair.

If you keep using it on a regular basis the cradle cap will soon go, we only had a mild case and it took a good 4-5 days maybe even a week to get rid of it completely. We just keep using it because it’s a lovely shampoo and wash. The oil in it will soften the cradle cap making it easier for it all to fall off. I really hope you enjoyed my tip and will give this a try as it really is a nice moisturising shampoo and body wash.


Do you have any other remedies for cradle cap??



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