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So you’d like to become more eco-friendly with your baby??

Whether you’re currently pregnant or have had your bundle of joy and you’re thinking about being a bit more eco-friendly and don’t really know where to start then you’re in luck because I want to share with you my 5 really easy baby swaps. I did the swap during pregnancy and had already planned what I wanted to do but if you’re just starting and the thought of swapping everything is a bit overwhelming then swap one thing at a time.

Cloth Nappies

I’m currently using both Bambino Mio ranges they have. I’ve got Miosolo all in one nappies and the miosoft 2 piece nappies. Both are easy to use and not faffy at all. There’s lots of different brands and ranges out there so you’ll be able to find something that suits you and your baby. I love my cloth nappies and was afraid to use them at first because I was worried they would be more work and even more washing but to be honest there’s no faff at all, I only have to put a nappy load in every other day. If you make one baby swap try making this one of them as you’ll be surprised at just how much money you save from not having to buy nappies. I’m so glad I took this leap but just wish I’d used them with my first. They last for years, the only thing with the 2 piece nappies is the nappy cover comes in 2 sizes. Size 1 is suitable form birth and until baby is 21lbs and size 2 is from 21lbs and onward. You also have to make sure you’ve got quite a few of these in each size. The miosolo all in one nappies are completely adjustable and again are suitable from birth up to potty training. The best part is that they come in so many cute designs and there’s nothing better than a baby wearing cute nappies.  I did a lot of research into this before deciding if it was right for me so I’d say go have a look around, read some reviews take a look into the care of them, you’ll be surprised just how easy they really are. A lot of brands also do trials so you can try before you buy in bulk.

Cloth Baby Wipes 

This was another one of those baby essentials that I wanted to buy to reuse because we use these as much as nappies if not more. I’m currently using Cheeky Wipes all in one kit which was really reasonably priced for the whole kit. There’s the Fresh Box that you store all your clean wipes in, Mucky box for your dirty wipes, 25 wipes (I chose the rainbow bamboo ones), the essential oil blends for each box Fresh & Mucky and the Fresh and Mucky travel bags for when you’re out and about. I actually have 2 of these one for bums and one for faces and hands, I put all my dirty wipes in the one Mucky box. These are really easy to wash and there’s no need to wash them separately either, I just throw them in with similar colours when they need washing and that’s it. Another really easy to use and faff free swap. These are also really easy to make at home if you’re on a budget (I’ll be sharing a DIY with you soon).

Silicone Breast Pump

These last few items I researched a little too, I’d heard so many good things about the Haakaa Breast Pump and was really interested in having one of these since I decided I was going to be breastfeeding and I love it, it has helped me make a good stash of breast milk for when my mum or the OH feed the baby and it’s also amazing for when your nursing and you use it to catch your let down from the other side so you’re not losing any of your precious milk. It’s so easy to use, clean and stores away in the cupboard really well too. Since it’s made from silicone it will last years and years which is amazing and they’re great value for money too.


Reusable Breast Pads 

Knowing I was going to be breastfeeding for the couple of weeks I just used some disposable breast pads until I found some reusable ones and oh my gosh, the difference is amazing. I’ve bought 2 packs of these so I’ve got plenty which means I’m in no rush to wash them. They came with a really cute laundry bag and you get 14 pairs and they were really cheap too. I wash these with my regular whites and they are so comfy, really soft and they do catch quite a lot of leakage. I find that they don’t leave you looking like you have breast pads shoved in your bra, they’re a good size too and even though they don’t have the adhesive to stick to your bras you don’t need it as they don’t move once you’ve placed them in your bra. These have washed really well and because they’re bamboo pads they’ll also last for years.


Glass Bottles 

Whether you formula or breast feed your baby these really strong glass bottles are another great swap. You still have to be careful with them as they are glass but I’ve found them easy to use, really easy to clean and Arlo latches on really well and I think it’s because the teat is like a nipple. These can be used in the fridge or the freezer to store milk in. There’s lots of extra accessories that go with these glass bottles so that you can convert them for a toddler and so they don’t burn little hands whilst being held. I really like these and don’t mind storing my milk in them as they’re better than the plastic bottles. These will last years too if properly looked after and stored. Another great eco-swap.


A lot of my swaps are really affordable, easy to use and of course worth the investment. Just think of the money you will save on nappies and wipes alone if you only make 2 swaps. Do some research find out as much as you can about certain things. Hopefully you don’t feel as overwhelmed and can make a great choice about what swaps you’d like try.


Have you made any swaps?? What are your favourite baby essentials?? What swaps have you made??


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