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Being a mum to 3 boys and just living in a house full of boys in general is hard work and I can’t live without my morning coffee, the dream baby has been teething and his tooth has started to cut through the gum so he’s not been sleeping and I think he’s having a bit of a leap as he’s almost crawling so that hasn’t really helped the sleeping either as he’s been waking himself up either on his front trying to crawl or screaming in pain because of his teeth. Let me introduce to you my new Eco-Friendly best friend the *Reusaboo Bamboo Coffee Cup.


Those of you that know me, know that I never leave home without a reusable coffee cup, because it not only saves on creating waste (and saves me £££’s), it keeps me topped up with caffeine too for those really long and tiring days when I need it. I’m trying to cut down my single use plastic waste, and this was the first time I’ve actually used a bamboo coffee cup and I have to say that it was so worth the swap. I’ve seen them around and had been dying to try one but never really knew if it would be worth it.

Why Should You Choose A Bamboo Travel Mug?? 

Did you know, we use at least 7 million paper coffee cups a day?? That’s around 2.5 billion paper coffee cups in the UK every year that are thrown away, and only 1 in 400 are recycled? That’s just crazy right there!

These are just a few reasons why we need to be switching to reusable cups, they save on waste, look so much nicer and they actually make drinking coffee to go more enjoyable. My reusable cup goes with me wherever I go, on the school run, swimming lessons, baby classes even when we go on days out as they fit nicely in the car coffee cup holder. I want something that’s lightweight yet sturdy and keeps my drink warm because I very rarely mange to drink a full hot drink these days!!

After switching to a Reusaboo Coffee Cup, I’ve found there are many more benefits for choosing bamboo over plastic. For those of you that read this blog know that I have already switched to using bamboo straws and I’m currently looking to replace more of my travel utensils for bamboo ones. For me, the main reasons to choose a reusable bamboo coffee cup over other alternatives include:


They’re Eco Friendly

Bamboo is a natural resource, meaning it is grown, rather than made from oil. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial, and the bamboo fibers are biodegradable when your reusable cup can no longer be used. Bamboo coffee cups and their lids don’t affect the taste of your drink, where a plastic cup and silicone lids may do so. Plus it’s BPA-free and phthalate-free, meaning it’s safe to drink out of.

The Reusaboo coffee cup is water tight & heat resistant

The design of the Reusaboo bamboo cup makes for the best experience possible, it has a very sturdy, screw lid and rubber stopper, preventing any leaks or spillages. I absolutely LOVE this on the cup because you don’t get it with other reusable cups. This cup also provides a thicker layer between the drink and your hand, as well as a thick silicone sleeve to protect you further.

They are dishwasher safe

If you need a dishwasher-safe coffee cup, this bamboo cup can be easily put in the dishwasher and safely washed, making it way less hassle than other alternatives. Please don’t put your cup into the microwave as they’re not microwave safe.

They are recyclable & biodegradable

After years of use, you may have to throw your cup away and that’s ok, even though reusable cups are designed to last, nothing really lasts forever does it?? But the great news is Reusaboo bamboo cups are biodegradable and recyclable. Hooray!! So you don’t have to worry about saying goodbye. I love that the brand have really taken on board the whole recycling, reuse and rotting of the product and because it’s such a sustainable design it really does tick all of those boxes.


Look at how much you could save just by using your reusable coffee cup at the coffee shops;

The one thing that I love about this brand is that they offer a 12 month warranty on all it’s bamboo coffee cups which means you can enjoy quite a few coffees without worrying about breakages or any other issues you may have. So if your coffee cup breaks within the year, they will send out a new one free, just remember to keep that proof of purchase though. Overall if you think about the lifespan of a single-use cup which is around 13 minutes, the lifespan of a reusable bamboo cup is years! I’m loving my Resuaboo cup and it’s quite a big size and holds 450ml which is about 16oz. I really like that it doesn’t feel hot on your hands like some reusable cups even when they have the koozies on them. I also love that it has the little rubber stopper so when I’m walking it doesn’t spill everywhere and it’s just genius! I’m really looking forward to enjoying a good few years with my reusaboo bamboo coffee cup. I highly recommend you trying one for yourself, you’ll love it.

Have you tried a Reusaboo cup?? Do you use Bamboo products??



This post contains gifted items from Reusaboo which have been marked with *. The company has provided the products for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.



  1. 16/08/2019 / 10:06 am

    I’ve not tried a reusable bamboo cup but it is something I will be looking to move towards. This sounds like a good quality one. Thanks for sharing your review.

    • Rachel
      18/08/2019 / 1:42 pm

      Thank you, it really is a good one. It’s definitely worth investing, you should have a look into the brand.

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