September Already?? That Can Only Mean One Thing….

Hello September, it’s nice to see you again!! 

I can’t believe we’re here again and it’s September already. Where has the summer gone?? It feels like it’s been going on forever, yet somehow not long enough. I absolutely love that it’s time for the older boys to go back to school and I’m definitely done with ironing labels to every single piece of school clothing and items. I like to think I’m organised when it comes to getting the school stuff ready. There’s nothing more satisfying than having brand new clean uniform ready and waiting for that first day to arrive!!


It’s not that I don’t love spending time with them, because I do, but my god I’m so ready for life to go back to normal…..Whatever normal is!! I miss my daily routines and being able to get housework done without the house being trashed  10 minutes later, I miss the bedtime routines and actually getting all kids in bed and settled so I can sit and watch something or blog in peace.


It’s thrown the baby’s routine out the window, he doesn’t know when it’s bedtime and has been going to bed later and sleeping in. I’m an early bird, I like to be up and out or to be able to crack on with my day! I get frustrated and hate not having routine and structure. I know secretly the kids hate it too as since the baby’s arrival we’ve been getting into a great routine. I can’t sit and plan my meals for the week or write my shopping lists.


I’m done with the screaming and shouting and bickering, I’m done with the he said, she said shite to try and get each other into trouble. I’m done with the baby being constantly bothered when he’s playing with his toys happily or trying to have a little bit of chill time. I’m done with the constant need for wanting to eat and drink shite and the moaning about being bored. I’m done with the day out suggestions only to be moaned at because they sound boring or they just don’t want to leave the house! These past 6 weeks we have been winging everything and I’m done!!


We’ve had some great fun over the Summer and I want next year to be bigger and better…..I’ve got a moody teen going into Year 9 and the munchkin will be heading into Year 3, he’s officially in juniors at school!! My boys are all growing so fast….I keep thinking that it won’t be long before Arlo will be going into school and it makes me sad.


But for now, just get me through this first week of school. Please just get me through the tired, grumpy evenings where all the late nights are starting to catch up. Get me through that not wanting to do any of the school work after school, that needs to be done because of tiredness. Please just get me through this first week and restore peace and calm into the house.


That first morning back I’ll be up and ready, ready to walk you to school for your first day, ready to give you a kiss and a hug and tell you how much I love you. I will miss you after all, but the minute you walk into that school, I’ll be ready and I’ll be joining all the other mum’s and dad’s in doing that happy dance all the way home from the school run! I’ll be waiting for all your exciting stories about your first day when you come home.


But for now, I’m done. I want my house back!!



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