The Natural Way To Keep Your Toothbrushes Clean

I thought I’d kick off October with a Tutorial Tuesday since I’ve not done one for quite some time. I really want to keep these posts up as I’ve got loads of ideas. I’ve just been such a bad blogger lately but I’ve had so much going on with the family I’ve not had chance.


This week I thought I’d share with you how I keep our toothbrushes clean and bacteria free the natural way. Did you know our toothbrushes harbour hundreds of thousands of bacteria just after one use?? That’s not including all of the bacteria your toothbrush picks up from being kept in the bathroom!!


Most of us keep our toothbrushes sitting on our bathroom counter or even the window sill, which is actually the worst place to store them. (We all do this though, I know I do). Just think, when the toilet is flushed all that unsanitary airborne particles make their way to your toothbrush! Yuck!! It’s quite disgusting really when you actually think about it.


Ideally, you should store your toothbrush in another room but if like me, you prefer to keep them in the bathroom, make sure to at least always close the toilet lid when flushing and use a toothbrush cover if you can.


So this is why we should keep our toothbrushes nice and clean especially when we have coughs and colds. But instead of using harmful chemicals to kill the bacteria found on them, we only need 1 natural ingredient and most of us have it in our houses already.

What You Need:


Mason Jar or Cup

White Vinegar


Why use white vinegar?? Well, it’s commonly used as a natural cleaner, it will kill the bacteria and microbes on your toothbrush.


How To Clean Your Toothbrush:

Pour several tablespoons of white vinegar into a glass jar, I use a cup of white vinegar which is about 250ml.

Pop your toothbrush into the jar and let it sit in the vinegar for around 15-20 minutes, try to leave it for the 30 minutes if you can.

Remove your toothbrush after 30 minutes and give it a quick rinse sand leave it to dry.

I try and do this once or twice a week if I can but depending on time and what I’ve got on, I aim for at least once a week. It really is that easy. Don’t worry, you can’t taste the vinegar once your toothbrush has dried.


Don’t forget you will still need to change them every 3 months.
I hope you all enjoyed this little tip and are rushing about to go clean your toothbrushes.
Do you do this?? Do you have another way of doing it??

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