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~*This post contains gifted products*~

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at *Norfolk Natural Living asking if I’d like to try out and review one of their natural deodorants and of course, I said yes because I love trying new products, especially from smaller, independent British brands.


Who Are Norfolk Naturally Living??

The company is based in Norfolk (if you didn’t already guess) and was set up by Bella Middleton. All of the products are handmade and made with 100% natural ingredients too. You can also refill your bottles at their shop in Holt, Norfolk. Norfolk Natural Living also has a varied range of other natural products, including skincare, body care and hair care as well as household and cleaning products. So if you like your household products to be as natural as your skincare, maybe you’d like to check out the rest of their range.


I was sent the Sea Salt scented deodorant. It is also available in lime, wild fig and rose. Now if you were to tell me to go on the website and pick one of those scents I’m not sure which one I would go for, they all sound amazing. The deodorant is described as being a unisex, “refreshing, long-lasting natural deodorant” that is made of natural ingredients, is vegan friendly and is free of aluminium and parabens. It has also never been tested on animals and is good to the environment (and the packaging is made of recycled materials). In addition to acting as a deodorant, it also contains hydrating ingredients to keep your underarms moisturised. All ingredients used are also gentle enough for sensitive skin. This ticks a lot of boxes for me.


I’ve been using this deodorant since around November,

which is a good couple of months and I’ve not even hit the halfway mark on it? I’d say this will last you at least 6 months if not longer. This is the first natural deodorant roll-on that I’ve used as the others have been creams or sprays. I love the scent of my deodorant! Honesty, it smells so refreshing, like spending the day at the seaside. I think this would be great for the summer months! On the packaging there is a really lovely label with details about the ingredients and it explains that the fragrance comes from essential oils. It’s slightly larger than your regular roll-ons but I like that as I can get a good grip on it.


Each bottle is 50 ml in size and is made of glass with a plastic screw cap lid. The deodorant has a rollerball inside to apply it with and the deodorant itself is a pale yellow. Because the formula is a liquid you only need to use a few swipes on clean armpits and then you need to give it some time to dry. It isn’t a very fast drying deodorant, so you need to give it a little while to dry before getting dressed. It doesn’t stain clothes, but you want it to be dry before getting dressed as to not wipe it all back off again. I usually have my wash then apply the deodorant and while it’s drying I get myself ready then put my clothes on last.

The most common issue that you hear of with a natural deodorant is that they don’t last too long.

I’m happy to say that doesn’t seem to be an issue so far with this one! If this is your first time using a natural deodorant, I feel it important to discuss something that is mentioned on the Norfolk Natural Living website and what is called the deodorant detox a week or so after swapping.

Antiperspirants are designed to clog the pores of your skin to prevent sweat from escaping. Natural deodorants are designed to work against the bacteria in your armpits that cause odour. After making the swap, the pores under your arms will need to unclog, meaning that you may sweat more than normal for a short period.

I love the style of the bottle and the packaging.

If you’re looking for a high-end, good quality deodorant that works and smells amazing I would honestly recommend Norfolk Natural Living’s products. It’s become enjoyable to put on deodorant because it smells so fresh, it looks so cute in my bathroom with all my other products and, most importantly, it works. It does cost £14.50 plus P&P online or in their shop and yes, it is a very pricey deodorant but as I’ve come to learn over the last few years since swapping too much more natural, green and clean products, you pay for that quality. I mean it’s 100% natural, handcrafted and cruelty-free. The packaging is slightly more expensive but that’s so it can be recycled and the product goes so much further, therefore lasting you much longer than your regular deodorant.

Overall, I’m really happy with this product and will repurchase this, I’d love to try another scent. I’d also love to try some of their other products and I’m intrigued by the household cleaning products.

Have you tried any products from this brand?? What did you think?? Which product is your favourite??


This post contains gifted items from Norfolk Natural Living which have been marked with *. The company has provided the products for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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