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~*This post contains gifted products*~

I first heard of *Butterwhips when I received a travel size pot of their warmly relaxing body butter in one of my monthly beauty subscription boxes and after using it, I just absolutely fell in love with and I have since bought a few of their other products including ones for the baby and they are just lovely and have really subtle scents to them. I love that they are palm oil free too. I was over the moon when I was sent the Planted Feet Balm to try.


Who are Butterwhips??

As a family they suffer with dry sensitive skin, eczema and dermatitis and since 2011 Victoria has been looking for alternatives to the usual creams and lotions either store bought or provided on prescription. Those ointments tended to be very greasy and didn’t smell great!
She wanted to create a relief to skin ailments that could be made from 100% natural ingredients and smelt good too, starting with a course in aromatherapy to better understand the effects of certain essential oils on the skin and the senses.
She needed to make sure she chose a base that was gently moisturising as well as smelling fab and with the help of a laboratory near the heart of England, she was able to adjust their first product, developed for their own use at home, to a formulation that met her family’s needs AND the most stringent regulatory requirements, continuing to meet her company’s core principles:
100% Natural
Kind to skin
Cruelty Free
No fillers
Butterwhips are made with only 100% natural plant extracts, no water, fillers or synthetic additives, any long names you see on their labels are either the Latin names of the plants or compounds that occur naturally in their extracts. The best part of their ingredients list is the fact that Love is the last named ingredient because that’s exactly what is put into each and every jar of these fantastic products. 

My Feet Problems

My feet are especially dry and I suffer from cracked heels and really hard skin. I have to admit spending most of my days on my feet probably don’t help and I tend to neglect them too often. I’ve spent a good few months trying to get them into a bit of a better condition than they were and I’m keen to keep it that way.


They Have A Fantastic Range Of Products

Currently the ranges of products they have are 2 face butters, 4 body butters, 3 baby butters, which are perfect to use on growing bumps and babies from 1 month old, a beard balm and foot balm. So you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for. I use the baby butters on Arlo, even now, as the scents are so relaxing and are perfect for a bit of baby massage before bed.


The Review

I’ve been using this planted feet balm now every other (I forget some nights) evening now for well a couple of months and I absolutely love it. The fresh scents of garden and forest combined, Peppermint and Black Spruce will ease your tired feet and soften hard skin.This lovely balm now comes in a recyclable aluminium tub instead of the old PET plastic tubs which are slightly more expensive. It’s easy to open and store, as well as being able to get as much of the foot balm out as I need each time I use it. I’ve been trying to give my feet much more TLC and keeping it a nightly or other nightly routine and I have to admit I’ve tried so many foot products that I was starting to lose hope. There are a couple of other products that I do like, but this is the one that’s had me much more excited at night to use. This is really easy to use and it is easily applied, as well as it being easy to massage into the skin it absorbs so well and doesn’t leave your feet feeling oily at all.


The best part for me is that “whippy” sound you get, every time you take some of the product out and pop it onto your feet. You get it with all the products from this fantastic brand. They’re also one of the most reasonably priced brands out there especially for a brand that makes their products by hand and of course that use natural ingredients. This gorgeous foot balm is £10 for a 40g tub which is amazing and will last you a good few months. So making the swap to a much more natural, cruelty free and ethical brand really doesn’t have to be expensive. Because the products have such fresh and natural ingredients in them they’re made in smaller batches to keep them fresh for you at home.


I found the balm really hydrating and nourishing my feet have been left feeling absolutely amazing, like they’ve had a pamper every time I use it. I tend to apply this if I’m not going out or in the evening as it gives you chance to unwind and get ready for bed. Honestly, there’s nothing more relaxing than giving tired a feet a really nice 5 minute massage with this gorgeous balm! Don’t forget to pop on those bamboo or cotton socks as they really help to keep the moisture in and stops you from slipping on the floor as it does make your feet a little slippery. This freshly scented firm balm, is perfect for dry and cracked feet. It’s also suitable to use from age 12 years and over and is Vegan friendly. Since using this balm I’ve noticed my feet are in a much better condition than they have been for quite some time, they feel softer and look so much nicer.


I will continue to use this balm and will happily purchase more from this fantastic brand. It’s fast becoming one of my favourite brands out there especially as the products are great for the whole family. I highly recommend you check them out as they have such a great range of products and they have some fab gift sets which are perfect for any occasion.


Have you tried any products from Butterwhips?? Which ones are your favourites??


This post contains gifted items from Butterwhips which have been marked with *. The company has provided the products for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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