Arlo’s Bedtime Routine

Anybody that knows me, knows that when I had mason I didn’t really have a bedtime routine as he wasn’t the best sleeper. In fact he barely slept and is still the same now. He can live off next to no sleep, and still doesn’t have a set bedtime. So when I fell pregnant with Arlo, I was determined to establish a really nice bedtime routine for him. After turning 6 months I noticed he wasn’t settling for bedtime, we always had a great bedtime routine and he was slowly knocking himself out of it. Each week his sleeping patterns changed and I’m not sure if it’s from developmental leaps and teething but we were both just so tired.


So a few weeks ago I decided it was time to change our whole bedtime routine and the things we did and I can honestly say it’s definitely helped and has been working for us both. He doesn’t sleep right through but even though he’s teething he still only wakes up twice at the most during the night and I can handle that. So I thought I’d share our bedtime routine with you today, because you never know some of it may work for you too.

6pm – 6:30pm

Our bedtime routine starts between 6 and half past. Depending on what time Arlo wakes up in the morning and when he naps during the day. The first thing we start with is supper. I recently changed his supper from toast or porridge to Weetabix with warm milk and either some mashed banana, vanilla or honey and this seems to fill him up much more.


6:30pm – 7pm

After supper it’s time to get into the bath and burn off the last bit of the days energy playing some games and having lots of fun splashing about. Arlo loves his baths and can’t wait to get in and have some fun. We either have just warm water or we like to use Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath which is absolutely lovely. Then I’ll wash his hair and his body with Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash. We absolutely LOVE this range.

7pm – 7:30pm

This is our quiet time, we get out of the bath, have a little bit of baby massage while I’m putting cream on his body, this helps to relax him a little more. We absolutely LOVE Butterwhips Dreamy Weamy for this. I spray some Blossom & Bloom detangler Conditioner in his hair to try and tame his curls and brush it through with the Haakaa Goats Wool Wooden brush. It’s so soft and great for his hair. Then it’s time for a nappy and some fresh PJ’s. Depending on how tired he is I read him a bedtime story. Then it’s time for a last feed of milk. I also spray his bed with Bloom & Blossom pillow spray. This helps him to go down much easier.

  7:30pm – 8pm

This is when Arlo gets put into his cot and I put on some relaxing sounds for him to drift off to sleep with. I use YouTube and we either have gentle rain sounds or relaxing music. Depends on how tired he is, sometimes he’ll drift straight off to sleep and other times he’ll just lie in bed listening to his sounds and drift off slowly that way.

I’ve found doing bedtime over an hour or 2 really helps him to unwind and get a much better sleep. He usually wakes up in the morning between 5am and 6am which is fine as I’m used to it now and can get so much more things sorted.


What do you do to help your baby sleep?? Do you have a bedtime routine?? Have you got any tips??



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