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Eco Swaps for the kitchen

So you want to start looking for more eco friendly products and swapping some of your everyday products?? I’ve got 2 fantastic products from *Net Zero Company to share with you today as I’m in the process of slowly swapping out products too, I do one or 2 a month and find that it works better for me, you don’t feel too overwhelmed that way and it gives you chance to finish what you do have and of course gives you time to find swaps that will work for you.


Who are Net Zero Company??

 They are a Canadian company on a mission to encourage change with everyday reusable items that can make a difference no matter where you live. All their packaging is plastic free, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Net Zero are partnered with Eden Restoration Project to plant trees in less economically developed and environmentally challenged countries and make a donation with every order. Which is absolutely amazing!

Beeswax Food Wraps

I absolutely love these and really wasn’t sure if the OH would be able to take to them as he’s still not fully there with the reusing of things but as I switch he’s becoming a bit more adjusted. I have all 9 of these little guys and the prints on them are just so cute. They come in 3 sizes; 1 small (7″ x 7″), 1 medium (10″ x 10″) and 1 large (13″ x 13″). They’re made from 100% beeswax tree resin, jojoba oil and organic cotton. I love the fact that because they have beeswax and jojoba oil in them they’re antibacterial and antifungal. They will last you well over a year with the proper care.

Caring for your beeswax food wraps

Hand wash your wraps with cold water and a mild soap then leave them to air dry. As will all products you will need to wash them the same way before you can start using them. It takes me a couple of minutes to wash and care for them. Once they’re dry I just fold them and pop them away in a drawer until next time.

Petite Munchie Box & Stainless Steel Spork

I’ve been looking for a lunchbox replacement for quite some time and I’m so glad I have this, it’s so fantastic. I love it, it can fit a wide variety of food in there not just your standard sandwiches. I really love the spork and the little cotton bag it comes with so that it all stays clean. My petite munchie box is 800ml so it can still hold quite a bit and I really like the airtight lid so I can pop it in my bag and not have to worry about any leakages. It also has a little removable divider in there so you can section the lunchbox into two compartments. It also helps to make taking lunch to work a bit more exciting. It’s also great for taking snacks for the kids when we go on days out.


What swaps will you be making this month?? What have you just changed in your kitchen??



This post contains gifted items from Net Zero Co. which have been marked with *.

The company has provided the products for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.



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