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Living in a busy household with 3 boys certainly has its challenges and honestly who always has time to spend hours preparing and cooking family meals because I know I don’t. For days like this, I’m all about quick, simple and tasty meals that can be whipped up in 15-20 mins and using whatever you have in the house already.These sort of meals usually end up being the best sort of meals. Today’s recipe features one of my staple herbs *Schwartz Garlic Granules.


 Now, my boys are a little bit fussy and refuse to eat meals that contain onions, garlic, mushrooms, celery, herbs and spices. But as a parent you still want them to have healthy meals. My boys love my cooking and have no idea what ingredients I use, and if they do decide they’d like to help me out (they rarely do) this mummy has things “ready” for them to use. I love watching them eat knowing I’ve hidden veg and lots of flavours in them. My easy cheesy pasta is a really quick meal and one of the boys favourites.

Schwartz is one of my favourite brands not just for my herbs and spices but for a whole range of things like seasoning and blends, recipe mixes and of course pour over sauces. Garlic Granules have become a firm favourite of mine and one of my staples because who has time to peel and crush, chop, slice or dice cloves of garlic?? Not only does the smell linger on your hands afterwards but my OH really doesn’t like how strong the smell is. I’ve tried using various “lazy” products but they still leave a strong smell in the fridge. This lovely little jar of happiness on the other hand leaves no traces of that strong scent of garlic and you really don’t need a lot of product for that added flavour to your meals. In fact my OH doesn’t even notice I use it!

My Easy Cheesy Pasta recipe is not only one of the boys favourite meals but takes about 15 minutes to make, and all you need are a few simple ingredients. I always seem to have these at hand in my cupboards and fridge:





Cheese Spread

Bacon or Ham

Stock Cube & Garlic Granules

It’s a really easy version of a carbonara and you can use absolutely anything in this recipe. You can swap and change it to suit you and your family. If you don’t like sweetcorn add some peas instead, take out the mushrooms and onions. You can even make this gluten and dairy free or even turn it into a vegetarian dish. It’s such a versatile little recipe, anything goes.

The Recipe

350g pasta

1 vegetable stock cube

50g frozen sweetcorn

50g diced onion

50g diced mushrooms

120g cheese spread

100g cooked bacon, chopped

1/2 tsp garlic granules

salt & pepper to taste

The Method

STEP 1 –  Add the pasta and stock cube to a large pan, cover with boiling water and cook according to the pasta package instructions. The stock cube helps to add some flavour to the pasta while it cooks.


STEP 2 –  In a larger pan fry off your bacon, onions and mushrooms. For the last few of minutes of cooking time add your frozen sweetcorn to the pasta pan. Then drain the pasta but retain a small cup of the pasta water for the sauce. Add your pasta to your larger pan.


STEP 3 – Add in the cheese spread and add a splash of the retained pasta water. Mix until the cheese has melted and you get the right consistency of sauce. Add more pasta water if necessary. Add in the garlic granules and mix again.

Et Voilá your meal is complete, you can serve it on it’s own or with some salad or veggies. We love it on it’s own. It really is that simple.


What are your staple herbs & spices?? Do you have a favourite quick and easy recipe??


This post contains gifted items from Schwartz which have been marked with *. The company has provided the products for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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