Easy Recipe Ideas For The Kids To Make – Tortizzas

Do you find it hard to get the kiddies involved with something other than Xbox games or school work? I know I’ve been trying to get them into cooking and baking a little more, especially while we’re at home more and the boredom is slowly setting in, we’ve been starting off with really easy recipes each week. I mean teaching them life skills can’t be bad now can it?

One of the boys favourite recipes to do are Tortizzas. They’re pizzas made with wraps and are just so easy to do, they really enjoy making these and I try to get them to use their imaginations when it comes to toppings.

What You Need:

Wraps (we like to use Mission Kids wraps)

Tomato Puree/BBQ Sauce or any sauce of your choice

Grated Mozzarella Cheese

Ham/Chicken/Peppers/Onions (any topping you fancy)

Mason likes to keep his really simple and just go for a Margherita. I try and encourage him to try new toppings but he’s very much a creature of habit and likes what he likes. He doesn’t eat much meat and is practically a vegetarian, so I’m trying to get him to try more vegetarian recipes. He’s starting to enjoy cooking and I’m hoping to try and get him to help me in the kitchen more.

Now this was Jake’s first time doing these as he doesn’t do anything like this at all when he’s with his mum (he lives with us full time) so I try and get him involved in as much as I can to try and give him those life lessons he’s missed out on. Jake chose to do a BBQ sauce base with cheese, ham and chicken. He absolutely loved making them. He’s very much a plain Jane and a fussy eater too when it comes to food. I’m hoping the more I can get him involved in the kitchen the more he’ll try new things.


Do you make Tortizzas with your little ones?? What are your favourite toppings??


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