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I’ve always been a bit of an oily haired girl and dry shampoo quickly became my best friend. I used to wash my hair every day but as I got older I learned that the more I wash my hair the greasier it would get so I try to only wash my hair once or twice a week my limit is three times. I know that sounds rather disgusting to some people but it’s something that works for me and lets me get at least a day out of my hair before I need to dry shampoo it.

I’ve tried everything to help with my oily hair and I’ll be honest nothing has really worked for me. *Lavera Natural Cosmetics recently reformulated their haircare range and reached out to me to ask if I’d like to give their new shampoo a try for oily hair. As I’m a massive Lavera fan and have tried so many of their gorgeous skincare products I, of course, said yes.

As you can see this is my hair after about 3 days, I’ve not used any dry shampoo just so you can see how oily it gets. I have quite curly and fine hair too so I look bald in places because it’s just so flat.


What does the shampoo do?? 

Lavera Freshness and Balance Shampoo regulates oil production to ensure hair stays fresh and weightless without any greasy feeling. The Freshness and Balance Shampoo contains a host of organic ingredients including Lemon Balm and Mint which boast antibacterial and regulatory effects to keep hair staying refreshed and full of volume.

Organic Lemon Balm contains antibacterial properties to soothe the scalp and prevent greasy hair.
Organic Mint regulates oil production to balance hair and scalp.

This is what my hair looks like after using the Lavera Freshness and Balance shampoo. It feels so soft and looks really shiny, it makes it look thicker too. I’m really impressed with the shampoo and have been using it now for a good 3-4 weeks. I can get at least 2-3 days out of it before I have to think about using a dry shampoo which is amazing. It retails at £6.95 but you’re getting a 200ml bottle. It looks quite small but there is lots of product in it. You don’t need to use loads of it either. You can follow with a conditioner which is what I do. I use a conditioner spray or a leave-in conditioner and only at the ends of my hair just to help detangle it.


Overall I’m really impressed with how it has worked on my hair and I will honestly be repurchasing this little gem. It’s great that I’ve found something that works and I highly recommend you trying it out if you suffer from oily hair.


Have you tried the new formula?? What did you think??



This post contains gifted items from Lavera. Which have been marked with *

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