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I’ve been following *Virtue drinks on Twitter and Instagram for quite some time now and even tried a couple of their sparkling energy waters, which are really tasty if you’ve never tried them. So, when they reached out and asked if I’d like to try their new natural energy drink Yerba Mate I jumped and the chance. I sometimes need a little boost on days where I’ve had no sleep and I’m not a massive fan of energy drinks because of all the sugars that they have in them.

Who are Virtue Drinks?? 

Virtue Drinks make energy drinks containing zero sugars, zero calories and no sweeteners. Each can of Virtue contains the same amount of natural caffeine as a cup of coffee (80mg). The energy comes from natural sources including yerba maté.

Yerba Maté – Yerba Maté is a natural antioxidant powerhouse containing 24 vitamins & minerals and 15 amino acids. Yerba Mate contains more antioxidants than green tea!

Yerba maté is a magical energising ingredient from South America and made from the dried leaves of an evergreen holly, Ilex paraguariensis, a native plant of South America. The health benefits of yerba maté go beyond mental stimulation and energy boosting, it helps increase concentration and focus, enhances mental clarity and alertness, helps the body deal with internal and external stress and boosts the immune system. It’s the traditional uplifting drink of choice in many countries in the region; the yerba maté drinking ritual represents unity as it brings people together. Yerba maté is an antioxidant powerhouse, with essential vitamins & minerals and amino acids. Yerba maté is naturally high in caffeine, one can = one cup of coffee (80mg natural caffeine).

I was sent Peach and Strawberry & Lime flavours to try. I wasn’t sure what to expect and replaced my daily coffee for one of these just to see how well they worked. I decided to give the peach one a go first and wow, it was really nice. Not sweet like a lot of energy drinks on the market but really peachy sweet. I really liked how this one tasted and it was really pleasant to drink and such a nice change from my usual coffee.
I gave it a couple of days and then tried the Strawberry & Lime one while I was in work one afternoon. It reminded me a little like the flavoured ciders, I found this one was too sweet for me. I’m not great with really sweet drinks even though it was still really tasty and I liked the flavour, it’s definitely a little stronger than the peach one.
My favourite flavour out of both is definitely Peach. Both flavours are refreshing and easy to drink. They don’t leave a weird aftertaste behind after you’ve finished either which a lot of health products can. I also love that they’re vegan friendly and the cans of course are BPA Free.

​As for the energy – the drinks did give me a little boost which was nice. I tried them more on the days I felt quite tired just to see what they would be like and I found that you don’t get that massive hit you can get from other energy drinks or certain coffees. It’s just like a pick me up which I found much better to deal with and you don’t get that crashing feeling afterwards. I would definitely use Virtue again when I’m in need of that little energy boost or even just as a refreshing drink on a warm day in a glass with some ice.


Charity Work

Each Virtue Yerba Mate can sold contributes to the conservation of plants, animals and natural communities in the rainforest. They have just started working with their charity partners World Land Trust on their first projects.


​I love it when a brand gets involved in charity work and giving back to the people that really need it.


Have you tried Virtue Energy Drink? Which one is your favourite??


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