Teaching Them All About Germs

I wanted to come on and talk to you about explaining the importance of making sure our children’s hands are clean. Even more so with everything that is going on with the whole spreading of the Coronavirus and with us all being in lockdown I’ve found that keeping Mason in the dark is much more frustrating for him especially because he understands a lot more than we give him credit for.


The school has been great at explaining the whole situation to them before they left but for Mason he needs that visual representation. He needs to see how things work, he’s always trying to learn new things and about the world, so I found this really easy experiment that you can do at home that really shows them the importance of washing their hands.

What You Will Need

A bowl of water (I used milk so you could see in my photos)

Some ground pepper

Soap of your choice (I just used some washing-up liquid)

Firstly add some pepper into your bowl of water, it looks quite gross but the pepper is the germs. Now get your child to dip their finger into the bowl and pull it out. Ask them What they can see.

They should now have “germs” all over their finger. Mason was a little horrified at this when he saw the pepper sticking to his finger. Now give their hands a little wipe and get them to dip their finger into some of the soap. Now what happens??

The germs will all move away from the soap, how cool is that?? It really lets the little ones SEE what happens when you wash your hands and why it’s so important. I absolutely love doing little experiments with Mason as they really help him to understand a lot of things.


It’s also a little bit of fun for them while we’re all staying safe at home during the lockdown. We’ve been doing quite a few little experiments that I’m hoping to share with you over the next few weeks. If you want to see this experiment in action head on over to my Instagram or Facebook Page as I’ve uploaded a video for you all to watch.


Have you tried this experiment?? What did your kids think?? Will you be trying it?


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