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~*This post contains gifted products*~

It’s been a year since you had your baby and you’re finally out of your maternity wear, you open your wardrobe and all you can think is what the hell am I going to wear?? You’ve only got your pre-baby clothes and you’re body has changed shape so nothing fits anymore. This is my current situation and with all the shops currently closed what do you do?? With only internet shopping about I’m always unsure which sites to buy from because you never know which sizes to go for, especially as my body shape has changed and I’ve got my little C-Section pouch and mum tum.

I’ve decided that I want to start looking and dressing the way I used too. Just because I’m a mum doesn’t mean I can’t look good and this is something that I seem to forget. Thanks to Femme Luxe I can now start to feel good in my clothes again. They contacted me at the perfect time if you ask me, with it being summer and the majority of my clothes no longer fit me, I can say I was in need of a few new items and I’ll be completely honest, I very rarely buy myself any new clothes and usually just make do with what I already have.

Daytime Dates:

I’ve never really been a girl for wearing tees, I’ve always been more of a nice top and a skirt/trousers kind of girl and really getting dressed up but the older I get I realise that I don’t have to look like I’m going clubbing to dress nice and feel comfortable and this *Black ‘Ooh La La’ Slogan Tee is perfect for those daytime dates.

You can dress it up with a nice skirt and some heels or even dress it down with some jeans or some nice crop pants with sandals or trainers. I really like this tee and it’s a really great fit. It’s not tight fitting so it hides all your sins and that mum tum really well. It’s really comfortable and even on those hot days, it keeps you quite cool. This would be a great addition to your holiday wardrobe.


Cosy Nights In:

I was in need of something I could wear at home on my day off to just be able to sit and chill out in that wasn’t another set of PJ’s so if I needed to pop out it wouldn’t look like I was off to bed. This *Grey Frill Loungewear Set was just perfect.

I chose a size 12-14 and it fits really nicely and is so comfy to wear. I love the frill detail around the cuffs on the arms and the bottom of the top. It’s girly but without being too girly. The quality, sizes and product all matched the description which is something I’ve found doesn’t match up on other online clothing sites. It’s really light and thin so great for the spring/summer months.


Holidays & Days Out:

When I saw this *White ‘Stay Home’ Slogan Tee I had to have it. It reflects the current situation and the last few months where we’ve all had to stay home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the whole country going into lockdown. Since I’m a keyworker I’ve still been going to work so I haven’t really stayed home as much as I’d have liked too. If you haven’t noticed the items I’ve chosen have all been for the Spring/Summer months and are comfy, casual because let’s face it, I’m not beach body ready and I’m definitely not ready to start getting my mum tum out…..just yet!

This tee is great for those days out to pair with some shorts and trainers. It’s comfortable and cool and I even tied a little knot at the side of mine, just to jazz it up a little bit. It’s another fab addition to your holiday wardrobe and the quality is great. I’ve washed and worn this a few times and it hasn’t gone out of shape or anything. I’m really happy with this.

For Those Mum Bun Days: 

I’ve really loved seeing everyone getting their tie-dye on and doing it from home. I’ve always loved this trend and had quite a few tie-dye items growing up so when I saw this *Lilac Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt it had my name all over it. This is one of those tops that will go effortlessly with just about anything in your wardrobe. I’ve been wearing it around the house on those really hot days when we’ve had nowhere to go.

This is the sort of tee I’d take to wear over a bikini on the beach just as a cover-up from the sun. The material is absolutely lovely on this tee and it’s so soft and really comfortable. You can even team this up with some jeans for a casual look. I’m going to customise this tee and I can’t wait to show you how it looks when I’ve finished.


I can honestly say that I feel great wearing my new items and there’s nothing better than finding clothes that make you feel good about yourself. I’ve definitely missed having a little retail therapy and buying for myself. I always thought online clothing stores like Femme Luxe were aimed at young skinny ladies but I was completely wrong and I’ve found some great additions to my Spring/Summer wardrobe.


If you’d like to order from them directly you can do so here.


What do you think to my picks?? Would you style these another way??


This post contains gifted items from Femme Luxe. Which have been marked with *

The company has provided the products for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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