My Little Box of Samples

 Over the last few months, I have again somehow managed to accumulate far too many samples, so, I’ve decided to put all of these in one of my empty boxes I had lying around that is big enough to fit them all in and so I know where to find them. I plan on reviewing one of the products from the box each week. This will range from skincare to makeup and even haircare, so pretty much anything. I’m a firm believer in samples and they play a big part in my beauty life as they can give you an idea of whether you will actually like a product or not before you purchase the full-sized product which could leave you out of pocket and unhappy. It’s happened to me plenty of times before over the years and that why I love samples.

I’ll randomly select a product from the box (possibly get one of the little ones to pick one) for me to try each week. I plan to trial the product until it’s finished (or 1 week for a larger sample) to give you all a true, honest impression of the product. I will be posting every Sunday and it will be called……..*Drum Roll Please*……….Sample Sunday! I’m so bloody inventive aren’t I?! I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I will and they help you when it comes to choosing products.


Are you a fan of samples?? What is your favourite type of samples??


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