Sample Sunday | Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish

Welcome to my first Sample Sunday post, I hope you like reading these mini-reviews just as much as I’ve enjoyed using these little guys up. It has certainly given me a much-needed kick up the arse to get products used up, especially these as they have just been accumulated over time.


This weeks product I had already chosen from my little sample box, as I’ve been dying to use it for ages. especially because I’m one of these people that if I start opening my full-sized products I’ll never end up finishing them all as I then end up with several half-used opened products. So this is a great excuse to try something new.

Urban Veda Radiance Facial Polish is a gentle cream-based facial exfoliator. With natural pumice to buff away dead skin cells and skin-brightening Turmeric and Goji Berries to boost hydration levels, this facial exfoliator is a treat for both the skin and the senses. It is ideal for Dry and Dehydrated skin and is lovely to use.



It’s a really lovely facial polish to use and I like that the natural pumice in it doesn’t give the creamy product a gritty texture. You can feel it really going to work on your skin and my face felt so lovely afterwards. It did bring all the toxins and dirt out of my skin too and I had a couple of breakouts but my skin felt so clean and refreshed afterwards.


It has a delicate floral scent which I love and great active ingredients like;

Botanical Extracts

Liquorice, papaya, goji berry


Glycerine, turmeric, arjuna, pumice

Bio Oils

Orange, patchouli, coriander, cedar, marigold


Liquorice is used to help even out your skin tone. Tumeric is an active ingredient in skincare that helps many things such as acne, tackling wrinkles and dry skin as well as removing dead skin,  all of which can be seen when using this. This has been great for my skin during the warmer days we’ve been having and I’ve used it every other day. It’s gentle but tough and has given my skin that extra boost it’s needed.

 Urban Veda have 4 ranges available, there’s;

Purifying|Neem which is suitable for oily/acne-prone skin

Radiance|Turmeric which is suitable for dry/dehydrated skin

Soothing|Sandalwood which is suitable for sensitive skin

Reviving|Rose which is suitable for mature & tired skin

If you’re unsure which range would suit your skin there’s a little quiz that will help you find the right range for you.


 Would I buy the full-size product??


Have you tried this brand before? Which is your favourite product? Which range do you use?


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