Book Review | The Rug Bear By Emma Rattray

I love reading there’s no doubt about that and always encourage my boys to read, the munchkin enjoys our little alone time reading and it’s something that I’ve introduced to the baby. Now he’s becoming more engaged and wants to look at the books we’ve started to read together every other day. So I was delighted when I was asked if I’d like to have a copy of Emma Rattray’s *The Rug Bear to review.


Illustrated by Michael Terry (The Selfish Crocodile), The Rug Bear is an engaging picture book for young children (aged 0-5) that is full of fun characters to look out for on every page. A perfect book for parents and children to read together, the book features a game of hide and seek that takes a rather unexpected turn.

The Blurb:

Bear is playing hide and seek in the forest with his good friends, Lion and Fox. But a day of games has made him very tired indeed and, in the shadow of a tall tree, Bear falls into a very deep sleep.

A mouse, a hare, a squirrel and a ladybug all mistake Bear for a nice, cosy rug. His fur is so soft and furry and snug. It’s so tempting and they all settle down for a rest, but get quite a surprise when Bear wakes up!


About The Author

Emma Rattray was born and raised in rural Scotland and the West coast of Ireland. Emma had a  typical childhood, spending a lot of her time climbing trees, swimming in rivers and playing with the white rabbits that she had as pets.

When Emma Rattray was just a young girl, she and her siblings had their own car to drive around the fields. Even though they couldn’t drive it properly. Bumping, jerking and very often stalling the car around a nearby field. This gave a young Emma Rattray and her siblings the idea of nicknaming the 1940’s Austin – Hiccup.


The Review:

We love this book, the story is lovely and the illustrations are just beautiful. It’s colourful and such a fun read. You’ll meet lots of different characters throughout the book. We love to read before a nap or bedtime or just as a little wind-down time during the day. The story followers 3 best friends bear, Fox and Lion who are all playing a game of Hide & Seek. Bear gets tired and falls asleep under a tall tree. Mouse, Hare, Squirrel and ladybird mistake Bear for a comfy cosy rug. With his soft fur all snuggly and warm. They find it so tempting to settle down for a rest. They get quite a surprise when the bear wakes up.

It’s got such a lovely rhyme to it and follows the gentle message about making sure everybody is included in games and activities. Even the munchkin enjoyed this book and he’s 8! If you like the books The Gruffalo, Stick Man and Room on the Broom then you will love this. It’s a great price and I know you’re little ones will love this. You can get yourself a copy of this lovely book from Amazon.


Do you enjoy reading with your little ones?? What’s your favourite book?? Have you read The Rug Bear??



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