Book Review | Mermaid Eclipse by N.E. Carlisle

I come from a family of readers and I will always encourage my boys to read. I try to read lots of different books with the boys so they can discover what they enjoy and I try not to keep to typically boys books, I mean who says books are for specific genders anyway??

Mason is definitely more open to give anything a try and if he enjoys it then great but if not we know what to avoid. We were kindly sent a copy of N.E. Carlisle’s *Mermaid Eclipse to review.

The Blurb:

Muriel and Morgan are twins, siblings so close that sometimes it’s a struggle to find their own identities. With their ailing mother and narcissistic father, their life is challenging enough—and then Aunt Mallory dies in a mysterious boating accident, revealing a family curse.

The twins set out to uncover the truth about their family and what really happened to their aunt. They learn that everything they believe to be reality is just an illusion, and they must rely on each other and their faith to keep their family together. The one constant is their twin connection and the ocean…


About The Author:

N.E. Carlisle was born by the coast and loves everything about the ocean, especially its lore. She has written several non-fiction books, but Mermaid Eclipse is her debut novel. She spends her days surfing, writing, and playing with her three dogs.

The Review:

We absolutely love how attractive the front cover is, it really catches the eye and I can see a lot of independent readers going for this book. Mason is 8 and has only started reading much more independently over the last few months, and we do have evenings where we read together and I have to say I quite enjoyed reading along and hearing the story. This isn’t something we would have picked ourselves but we’re so glad we got the chance to read this book.


The story follows a 15-year-old girl called Muriel, her twin brother Morgan and their cousin Brooke. When Muriel’s aunt dies in what originally seems to be a boating accident, Muriel’s uncle struggles with what he saw that day with many people not believing his stories of mermaids. The twins set out to find out what really happened and if their family is cursed.


Recommended for ages 8 to 12 years-old, Mermaid Eclipse is narrated by Muriel who is a fraternal twin to Morgan, her brother. The book has eight chapters, with a total of 171 pages. It also has lots of has interesting and exciting parts to it which made us want to read to find out what happens. We both really enjoyed this book however, I would say it’s better for older readers. Mason was expecting this to be a girly book but I was actually surprised at how much he did enjoy reading this. It’s a book I can see us reading again soon and I hope that there’s more to come as the author really knows her myths and how to write a great story. 


If you have older children who love mythical creatures then they will love this. You can get a copy of this fantastic book on Amazon.


Have you got any independent readers?? What do they like to read?? Have you read Mermaid Eclipse??


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  1. 22/12/2020 / 9:39 am

    I love reading too! My dad always got me reading when I was younger and seeing his passion always made me enjoy it. I won’t lie I think the cover on this book would have won me over and drawn me in too! haha

    Great review lovely! 🙂

    Ashleigh –

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