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Menstrual cups, this is not a new thing but I’ve come across them more over the past few years. I never really thought about buying one let alone using one until I became much more conscious about becoming more green and Eco-Friendly. Who wants to bulk buy sanitary protection each month, stockpiling in different absorbency pads and tampons that really don’t do our environment any good?? Think about how much money we as women spend each month on sanitary protection alone, it’s not cheap getting your period. So I decided that I would look into menstrual cups. 

While I was researching I came across so many different brands of cups, I didn’t really know which one to go for. I have to admit there isn’t a lot of information out there or even reviews about the different menstrual cups so I wasn’t sure what was right for me. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places but I’ve decided that I want to talk more openly about periods and the different types of period products out there for us that want to be more eco friendly. Heck, I’ll even make some videos for my YouTube channel. However, I was given a little saving Grace and I was recently sent a Saalt menstrual cup to try and review as they have recently launched in the UK. It arrived just in time and I was able to try it out straight away.  It’s available in two sizes with two firmness options. Each cup lasts for 10 years, providing a sustainable alternative to tampons and pads. Saalt is a certified B Corporation which means they commit 2% of revenue to donate period care to regions with the most need and help fund initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability.


Who is Saalt?

It begins with Cherie, our CEO and co-founder.
She has a period and 5 daughters. You could say, she gets period care.

Saalt started with a phone call Cherie made to an aunt in Venezuela, where pads and tampons had not been available in stores for years. She immediately thought of her daughters and what she would do if she found herself in the same situation. The dependence she and others had on disposables kept her up at night.

Three months later, Cherie was sourcing reusable menstrual pads for hundreds of friends. (These kinds of things are Cherie’s idea of a hobby. Not joking.) When she went to source a bulk order of menstrual cups, she couldn’t find one that met her ideal criteria. So she started custom designing her idea of the perfect cup.

Hand sketched drawings turned into fourteen design iterations, and in February of 2018, Saalt launched with the Saalt Cup and the vision of making cleaner, more sustainable period care accessible to everyone.

Why is the company called Saalt? The name Saalt represents something natural and essential for our bodies. They believe the best approach to period care should be just as natural, distinct, simple, and elemental.


What are the benefits of using menstrual cups??

They are reusable, environmentally friendly and can last 10 years before needing to be replaced.
They don’t dry the vagina like tampons as a menstrual cup collects your flow rather than absorbing it.
When used correctly you should not experience leaks.
Cups are made from medical grade silicone so unlike pads and tampons, there are no concerns for chemicals such as bleach and dioxin.
Cups eliminate odour often associated with menstrual fluid when exposed to air.
Reusable products may benefit people who experience period poverty.

How do I know which size to get??

The first obstacle to overcome when you choose to use a menstrual cup is choosing the correct cup size as each brand has different options. Saalt has a handy size guide which I found informative in comparison to others especially as it’s in the form of a quiz. I chose the Small Soft one and the colour I received is this lovely Mist Grey which will definitely help with concealing any staining. They have so many colours to choose from when you know which size you are getting. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect but as soon as I took it out of the package it felt soft and was really flexible. I really like they give you a guide to all the different folds you can do so that you can insert it comfortably.
What do I need to do before I can use my cup??

Check the four air holes at the top of your cup to make sure they are open (this helps to break the suction seal so you can remove your Saalt Cup later).

Boil your cup in water for 4–5 min (no more than 7 min) to sanitize it. Use tongs or a wire whisk to ensure the cup doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot.

Wash your hands and cup with water and mild soap, and rinse thoroughly.


The Review

The Saalt Soft is made with an ultra-soft silicone formula designed to be both gentle and super comfortable for those with bladder sensitivity, cramping or discomfort with firmer cups. I thought I was going to find it really difficult to use, It took me a couple of goes to get it in and right and I had to try out a few of the folds to see which one worked best for me, I now use the C Fold. It comes with a really cute handy drawstring bag to store it in. It fits in your bag, it’s really discreet and it sits lower than a tampon. It’s so comfortable that when you have it in you can forget it’s there. It really is easy to use and I like that it says you’re good to go for up to 12 hours. You simply remove it, rinse it and then reinsert it. You can also buy the Saalt cup wash to make sure your cup is clean during your cycle. 


You can use it on nights out when your swimming or simply just to get on with life. I have never felt so clean and good, since using this little guy, I don’t mind having a period at all. I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and I love it. I even sleep with mine as there are no problems in doing so. I know that a lot of people don’t like sleeping with a cup in but I haven’t had any issues and I definitely haven’t had any leaks. I make sure that I empty and rinse it as I’m about to get into bed to sleep and then it’s the first thing I do as soon as I wake up. I highly recommend using a cup and will definitely be trying to see if I can convert any of my lovely lady friends. 


The Saalt cup does retail at £25 but a reduction in plastic waste and monthly costs is beneficial in the long term. Look at them more as an investment, after using this for a few months it will have paid for itself and think of all the money you will have saved from buying sanitary products. It’s a no brainer. I won’t say I will never use other sanitary products again because I do still have a few items in my bathroom cupboard, I have some in a couple of my bags too because nobody likes to be caught out and I don’t always pack my cup. I like to keep it at home in case I lose it or forget where I have put it. 


Have you ever tried a menstrual cup? What did you think?

I’d love to know about your experience. 



  1. 22/12/2020 / 9:42 am

    I have never used a cup myself but I’ve heard some really good things about them! wish I was brave enough to swap over to one because like you said the monthly cost and plastic issues are brilliant reasons for!

    Ashleigh –

    • Rachel
      22/12/2020 / 11:02 am

      Honestly I was a little scared at first, but once I actually started using it and got used to using it, it really is a life changer and so comfortable. If you have any questions or want to know anything else feel free to ask me, I’m more than happy to help you Ash. It’s definitely a topic that we don’t talk enough about xx

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