100 Day Spending Ban

Well, since we have started a new year I thought why not start it off the right way and give myself the challenge of trying out a spending ban for 100 days?! I know plenty of bloggers that have done this before and I’ve been toying with the idea for quite some time now and thought what a better way to try and save some cash to go towards holidays and days out when we can have a little normality back.


The ban will run from 1st January – 10th April


Since family birthdays and Valentine’s Day falls in between these dates I’m allowing myself a limit on how much I can spend on them. I have a running subscription to The Natural Beauty Box that I’ve had for about 3 years now and Wild deodorants which I’m allowing myself to continue, the great thing is I can skip my deodorant subscription if I feel I am starting to accumulate too many. I’m not allowed to buy any more products unless I run out and they are essentials. I have more than enough products I need to start using in my huge vanity bag.


I’m not allowing myself to buy any books, magazines or clothes. I want to try and read the books I already have on my shelf. It’s the unnecessary spending for me that I really do need to curb.


I also want to start taking my own lunch to work. So that’s it, there’s my spending ban.


I’m really hoping that I can stick to this and will try and update you each week. It’ll be really interesting to see where I spend the majority of my money each month.


Feel free to join in with me. Have you tried a spending ban before?? How did you get on??


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