Going Vegan For Veganuary

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple of years but never really knew where or how to start. After doing some research I’ve decided that this year was the right time to give going vegan a try.


I’ve been picking up a few vegan products each week during our food shops so I have the basics in. I’ve definitely been making sure to buy lots more fruit & veg to make sure I’m having my 5 a day.


 It’s all about my health now and giving myself that much needed health kick. I’m keeping an open mind and who knows if I enjoy it I may keep it up. I’ve found quite a few recipes that I’m really looking forward to using.


The biggest thing for me to cut out of my diet is cheese. I do love all the cheese so it will be interesting to try out the different cheese alternatives that are out there. I’ve had a few recommendations after speaking with a few vegan friends.


I first thought that doing Veganuary would be difficult due to finding alternatives to some foods but there’s so much variety. I only have to tweak a few of my favourite recipes to make them vegan which is fantastic.

I’m actually surprised at how many vegan alcoholic and alcohol-free options there are. I found the Veganuary website really useful once I’d signed up.


I’m looking for more recipes and tips so would love to hear what your favourites are, let me know in the comments and I really can’t wait to share my journey, recipes and of course and tips I’ve picked up along the way.


Have you signed up to Veganuary this year?? Would you ever give it a try?? Are you vegan??


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