Book Review | The Wing Thief By Samantha Atkins

I was kindly asked if I’d like to take part in my first ever blog tour. I was sent an e-copy of  *The Wing Thief by Samantha Atkins to read and review.


Today is my turn so I really hope you enjoy reading this post.


The Blurb:

Let me ask you a question. It’s a pretty straight forward question, but one that you shouldn’t rush to answer. Do you believe in magic?

Vista wanted two things: adventure and freedom. But nothing could prepare her for the fall that would change everything. In a single moment, Vista’s comfortable life in the Home Tree is over and she must find a way to survive in the forest alone. She soon learns that not everyone can be trusted and now she must race to save the family she left behind.

In a forest filled with magic and trickery, just how far can a flightless fairy go?


About The Author:

Samantha Atkins currently lives in Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales, with her partner, Layla, and their two children. The family have two dogs, Stella and Lexi, who have helped keep their step counts up during lockdown.


Her favourite genre is fantasy, with some of her favourite books being ‘Harry Potter’, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and ‘The Hunger Games’, although she does enjoy the occasional period drama.

Samantha is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and hopes to encourage others to embrace their diversity and be confident in themselves.

The Review:

This was a first for me, I’m not usually one to read books about fairies and magical lands but I enjoyed this book. I’ve read similar books when I was younger and really enjoyed those, hidden magical places and unusual magical creatures.


Vista is a wonderful character. Strong-willed, kind and adventurous. Even when her life changes she doesn’t let that defeat her.


Not only will she become a favourite amongst readers of her adventures but she’s a great spirit to teach younger girls to be themselves.


I enjoyed learning about all the wonderful characters and their backstories, it really makes you feel like you’re getting to know them. You become invested and want to follow their journey.


I really like how the point of view changes throughout the book, showing us both sides of hero and villain. We follow along with the plotting as the baddie of the book unveils his cruel plans, and we see Vista trying to create a new life outside the Home Tree and find her place on the forest floor.


I couldn’t put it down as I wanted to see what would happen next, or what characters we would meet. I love how Vista surrounds herself with positive, helpful and pure-hearted companions. It reminds us that no matter the world we live in real or fictitious there’s good out there.


I enjoyed the book and would recommend this for independent readers aged 10+. I know a couple of young girls that would fall in love with this book.


Thank you so much Smash Bear Publishing for inviting me to take part in the tour for this magical book.

The Wing Thief is out now and is available to purchase.



This post contains gifted items from Smash Bear Publishing. Which have been marked with an *

The company have provided the products for review and haven’t had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.  


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